Customized Fixed Income Investing

We believe…​ Success in fixed income requires the ownership​ of individual bonds in actively managed portfolios customized ​to the personal needs and objectives​ of the investor. Genoa Solutions

Investment Strategies

Genoa Asset Management has four individual bond strategies available to investors. The strategies can be customized to meet specific client needs and objectives.

Municipal Bond

The Genoa Intermediate Municipal Bond Strategy seeks income and total returns through customized portfolios of high-grade, tax-exempt municipal bonds tailored to the specific needs and objectives of the client.

Bond Ladder

Bond ladders are a time-tested strategy. A laddered bond portfolio consists of bonds with varying maturities. As holdings mature, the proceeds may be reinvested into new bonds, or redeployed for your personal or investment needs.

Income Muni

The Enhanced Income Municipal strategy is a boutique fixed income solutions that invests in callable municipal bonds with higher than typical yields due to the markets inability to assess the likelihood of a call event.


The Strategy seeks to maximize total return, including both income and appreciation, by identifying undervalued and opportunistic sectors and securities in the US fixed income markets.


The Strategy seeks enhanced income and total returns primarily in high grade US taxable bonds. The Strategy is designed for investors seeking yield and total returns from a portfolio of carefully selected bonds from financially strong issuers.

Insights and News

See the latest news from Genoa Asset Management.

  • Fixed Income Market Update
    March 17, 2023 The market was a rollercoaster the last ten days, in particular the last week. On March 8th the 2-Year US Treasury yield was at 5.07%. By the 13th the yield sank (prices rose) to 3.98%. The note then proceeded to swing by 15-30 bps each day this week! Banking industry revelations, economic releases and central bank
  • Fixed Income Market Update
    March 13, 2023 Over the weekend, Silicon Value Bank (SIVB) and Signature Bank New York – SBNY were seized by regulators and First Republic Bank (FRC) taped additional liquidity. The Fed and the market listened to our post and took drastic action to stop the run on the banking system. This quick action aimed at saving
  • Fixed Income Market Update
    March 10, 2023 Yesterday SVB Financial (SVB) parent company of Silicon Valley Bank announced they are doing a significant capital raise to cover losses from their portfolio of… Mortgage backed and Treasury Bonds. SVB stock dropped 60%, bonds and preferred issues were down significantly and Moody’s announced a downgrade of the credit (Always on top of